Thursday, 10 February 2011


Sewing has never been something I was very good at, despite my Mum and Nan showing me how to do it. But I do remember enjoying the cross stitch that we did at school and home! So after seeing a lovely idea from counting coconuts Facebook page, about putting together a sewing basket, I decided to do just that!
I popped on to EBay and looked for plastic needles, large cross stitch fabric and a couple of Embroidery rings. I managed to get it all very cheaply and gathered all the bits together in to a wooden bowl with a pair of scissors and some thread!

I have offered this to my two boys first of all to see how they took to it before offering it to younger children and also to give myself some practice of sewing and cross stitch.... it's been a while!
Brendan was a whizz! Took to it so well. He drew a Pooh Bear shape on his fabric and threaded yellow thread on to his needle. He started to stitch around his shape and I showed him how to go back on a stitch to make it join the last. I'm sure this has a proper term, or the stitch has a proper name...  but like I said.... i am no sewer!
 I am going to show him how to make a cross stitch next. Then he can fill in the bear shape with colour and add details.

Kenzie needed a little more help but he is 4 years  younger. I was surprised at how well he took to it though. His attention did not last as long but he is keen to come back and do little bits at a time. He wanted to make the same as his brother. Everything at the moment is about being just like his big brother! So he drew his own bear on the fabric and, with some support, started to stitch away! He has less control about where the needle comes up from underneath and always wants to put the needle in from the top. But once he could see the stitches forming he got very excited and it encouraged him to carry on!

I will offer this to the little ones next week and see how they take to it! I am really interested to see what they create! This will be a great activity to help develop their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. All the things they will need developed to start writing in the future!

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