Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I decided to set out a couple of fun tray activities this week. Both of them along the Chinese theme to fit in with our Chinese new Year celebrations. They seemed to go to down really well with the kids and it was great fun to watch them acquiring a new skill.

The first was a pouring activity. I had set out a tea pot and some little Chinese tea cups and saucers on my display. One little girl really wanted to add some water to whole thing so we took it to the kitchen and set it all out on a tray. we added a real Green tea tea bag so that she could see the water change colour and smell the green tree aroma as she played. She is 3 and already has some very good pouring skills, she knows how to hold the tea pot so that she has full control of it and also stop when she gets near the top of the cup to prevent it over flowing. We did have the odd spill, but mostly she kept it in the pots and cups.
Little "M" had a try and LOVED this! he is26 months and we had several trial and errors with the pouring. To start with he had no concept of when to stop pouring and as it flowed over the top of the cup he laughed and said "uh oh!!" Then as time passed he really got the hang of it! He was very care full and managed to fill up cups to a good level without spilling it. He was so happy and proud of himself and smiled every time he did it. He talked about what he was doing "Empty!" "full!" "pour it!" He was great!

The other thing we did was picking up Pom Poms with chop sticks to put in to a bowl! I tried this on Monday with objects from the playroom but it was not as easy as i had thought, so i adapted it and used soft Pom Poms! These were perfect and everyone managed to pick some up! The determination on their faces was great to watch and then the excitement as they managed to pick one up!!!

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