Sunday, 20 February 2011


With Spring only a month away, and the bulbs starting to pop their little heads out of the flower beds, I have started to turn my focus to the garden and our Vegetable patch.
The children and I moved all the old wood chip from the garden and I have re-lined the area and added lots of pebbles. These seem to be easier to maintain as they do not compost down after time and can be washed off.

This week is half term so the children and I are going to start sewing our Vegetable seeds and keeping them warm, watching them grow and then hopefully planting them out once the weather has improved. The Vegetable patch has new netting over it, to protect the plants from the birds, chickens and Rabbit...... and also to stop the dog walking over it! It looks so barren at the moment, I really can't wait to have some colour in there!

To introduce the theme to the children this week, I have created some new play trays! Nothing beats getting outside and getting grubby in the garden, like we did last week. But it's still quite wet and chilly out there so we are quite limited with how long the children like to be outside.

The first tray I have put together is my fave!!! It came to me while I lay in bed the other night and I couldn't wait to wake up and gather up all the bits I needed!!
I found some very cute small pots and the mini propagator and tool set. I used the brown play dough from last weeks Valentines chocolate  activities and have re-purposed it as MUD!! I found some card toppers that my Mum gave me ages ago and also some cocktail sticks and glue gunned the flowers to the sticks, then as an added bonus I found some Broad bean seeds!

There it was...... my indoor gardening tray! I offered it to my boys and they LOVED it!!

The children started off as I had expected, but then Kenzie took it off on a little twist and started to make play dough castles! I love the way children take things in unexpected directions and use resources in new and interesting ways!

Here are the other Play Trays that I have created for the week.

A close up look at some Mini beasts! I did have some Ladybirds but one of the children I look after is quite partial to them and has "Put them somewhere safe!" She will know exactly where they are though so hopefully tomorrow they will join their friends on the tray!

My Mum gave me lots of photos of their garden and plants after she had a clear out last year. I wasn't sure how we would use them, but I have decided they would be great for some cutting practice and the children could chop them up and make their own garden picture!

So this is a little bit of what is on offer this week. We will of course be planting REAL seeds as well, as I went to the garden center last week and got a little propagator and the expanding compost blocks that my boys loved so much last year. In fact Brendan asked today when he could do some "expanding seed growing?" I was at a loss as to what he meant, but as soon as he said "The ones that grow when you put water on them... they expand mummy!" I knew exactly what he meant...... Good job I bought some!!

I will keep you posted on how the children have taken to this weeks Play Trays!

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