Thursday, 17 February 2011


This week we have been sharing the love! We have been finishing off our Valentines Day activities and spent the week making cards for our loved ones and exploring this weeks activity trays!

I cut out hearts and put some sparkly heart stickers in a bowl and folded some card. I placed it all on the activity tray and each child was able to come and choose to make one and also how they wanted it to look.

I encouraged each child to "Write" their Valentines messages themselves. This is one of the youngest children in my setting. He is 2years 3 months and he was very keen to write his card to Mummy and Daddy!

Kenzie made a card for a girl in his class. She has told her parents she is marrying him.....

We have also had fun transferring red water from a pot, in to a heart shaped ice cube tray using pipettes. I have seen variations on this on many blogs and really fancied giving it a go over Valentines. This was a big hit and really helped me to focus on which children needed that extra support with Pincer grip movements. some children used the whole hand to try and squeeze the pipette and others held it between 2 fingers and managed to use it fine. I think I will offer this many times over the next few weeks and hopefully those that found it hard will start to gain a little control from the practice!

We also made some play dough and decided to colour it brown so it looked like chocolate! Thought that was a good Valentines Day theme for our dough play!

The children LOVED making the dough themselves and it was a great time to explore some Mathematical concepts and language. We measured out the ingredients and talked about more and less. They took it in turns to add to the pot and stir it all up! We also talked about the dangers of being near the hot cooker as we cooked the dough.

I gave the children blunt knives, cupcake cases, heart shaped cutters and a rolling pin. They asked for candles as well so I added a few of them to the table!

 So thats the end of our Valentines fun for this year! 
Its been great!

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