Sunday, 27 February 2011


well after several busy weekends, we have really enjoyed an easy Sunday! the first in a while!
Both the boys were given craft kits to make for their Birthdays and today they set about putting them together.

Kenzie needed a lot of help with his, mainly with the sewing but he managed all the stuffing and helped me find the pieces I needed for his sock Monkey. I have seen these online but never really looked in to making one. They are actually really simple and very cute when finished! We will now be looking out for interesting socks and making many more of these great little cuddlies!!

Brendan loves his wood work, and all though this had all the bits cut out all ready, he loved the constructing and painting! he needed very little help except with the stripes over the top. He told us he wanted it to look like Herbie and so Daddy painted the stripes for him. tomorrow they will finish this off, add a 53 and then we need to find some varnish to coat it! I think he has done a fabby job with this!

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