Tuesday, 8 February 2011


This week we started on our Valentines fun! I have lots of lovely things planed for the next two weeks and can't wait to try them all out!!
This week I have set out 4 tray activities. I find tray activities are great as they organise a play activity, minimise the mess! and seem to invite the children to come and play! I love to look at other blogs for ideas as lots of mums out there seem to come up with great tray activities. One of my Favourite sites is counting coconuts and it's really worth a visit if you haven't already popped across!

So this week my Tray Activities are as follows!

Pegging practice, on a Heart shaped box. Great for building up the hand muscles ready for writing!

Sticky window Hearts to make patterns on the doors and windows!

Sticking Hearts and drawing activity. A chance to explore your creativity!

"Un-Lock the key to my Heart!" I can't remember which Fabby blog i saw this on..... Sorry! But i loved the idea, and so do the children! It's been a big hit!

So that's what we are up to this week!! More coming next week!!
Happy Valentines Day!

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