Thursday, 10 March 2011


Today I was asked if we could get the painting out! So we did.
we started off painting Spring pictures. "A" painted some lovely trees and painted oranges in them. She did want to paint apples as well but I have run out of red paint. She did say we could mix a red and this led to a chat about primary colours and how red is a primary colour, which means we can not mix it using the other colours. not sure if she really understood but she seemed to except the explanation.

"A" looked at the other colours we had and asked what fruit is blue. I said Blueberries are blue and they grow on bushes. So she painted a Blueberry bush.

After our Spring pictures "A" decided to paint her hand........ and I helped!

We  made some lovely prints with our hands and got more and more creative. 
"A" decided I needed to have my hands painted too..... so she added multi coloured stripes to my hand.

Then we made pictures on our hands!

Tree print!

Flower prints!

We did have a lot of fun and it was great to watch "A" develop her ideas and lead the play session. We spent a good hour painting and I think it is something she is going to ask to revisit a lot.
I'm really not sure who had more fun..... me or her?

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