Thursday, 24 March 2011


Today we looked at Beans! Not the baked beans you get in a can! The magic beans that make Beanstalks!!

We started off by looking at the bean its self. We had 2 varieties and talked about the colours and shape and texture. "Purple, pink, spotty, smooth, shiny!"  Lots of lovely descriptive vocab!
Next we looked at a book about growing Vegetables and looked at what the bean would look like once it was grown and baring fruit. We even found a recipe for a bean stir fry and looked at the ingredients we would add to make this dish!

I have a lovely book of gardening activities and we opened it up on the page for growing beans in a jar. We read out the list of resources that we needed together. and then followed the instructions for adding the blotting paper (kitchen towel in our case) and the water and beans.... We did have some naughty beans that wanted to fall all the way to the bottom, but this did give us a giggle!


We labeled our jars so we knew who's was who's. I gave each child a label and a pen and said I needed them to write their names. "A" can write her name well and is the oldest of the group. "C" and "E" both made marks on the paper and sounded out letters or "made up" letter sounds as they made these marks.

We talked about what seeds needed to grow and we decided they needed water and light! so then we talked about where was best for the beans to sit whilst they grew.

I asked if a cold dark freezer was a good place?
... so what about a dark cupboard?
"C" said this would be a good place and "A" and "E" said this was not a good place because the seed needed light!
So I asked if they thought the window sill was a good place?
So that's where we put them.

 After planting our beans we went for story time before lunch. we read a version of Jack and the beanstalk that my son was bought by a teacher at his school. It is a really lovely version with no killing of the Giant or actual Stealing. The goose and lady who looks after the Giant actually asks Jack to take them with him! Very sweet!

After lunch and a run around for an hour at the park we had another beanstalk story. This was called Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth. I love his books and we had a good giggle at this one, especially at the page where Jasper gets cross and digs his bean back up...... flicking mud and worms in the air behind him as he digs!

We decided to draw some pictures of Jasper and his beanstalk for our display in the playroom!

As you can see, lots of bean fun! What are you growing this Spring? I would love to hear about it!

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