Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Today the children and I enjoyed the sun and fantastic warmth that came with it! Such an amazing day that gave you a real summery feeling!

We started off the day helping a neighbour plant some fruit trees in our new communal allotment area. This is something that has come about, due to a couple of neighbours hard work and organisation. Applying for a grant and organising plans for a bit of waste land behind the house to be turned in to a usable area for everyone in the street. Lots of neighbours joined to clear, shovel, build and create this area. Sadly I could not help with this but we did help with the new seating area that was also included in this grant!

Each house has 2 plots and I have chosen a couple of corner plots where the children can dig without disturbing anyone else! They can use one to dig in and if they like add some seeds... not sure if anything will grow there but it gives them somewhere to "work" while I tend to my other plot next to them!

We carried buckets and spades up the road and they had a fantastic time digging mud pies and gather bits of bark to decorate the tops.

"C" helped me dig holes for the tree's to go in! She did a really good job! We found some really big fat worms and talked about how good they are for the garden. The children even collected some to put in their veg bed!

After the trees were planted we pulled some of the Ivy off the fences. We found lots of sleeping ladybirds and a shield bug behind the ivy and had a great time talking about them and holding them.

I noticed a birds nest on the more established ivy that had been trimmed. It was an old nest so I took it off the branch and the children had a lovely time looking at it. We looked at what the birds had used to make the nest and the children shared their ideas and knowledge about birds and nests! We also found a rather gruesome discovery. Above the nest was the complete skeleton of a young bird tangled in the ivy. It was very interesting to talk about the bones and how we have bones in our bodies.

We spent most of the afternoon up the park or in the garden playing with the garden toys and the outdoor kitchen area! "C" asked if she could collect the eggs. I hadn't done this for a few days so she went in to the run and opened the door. "There are LOADS PIP!!!" she screamed!!
I gave "E" a pot to put them in and we counted them as they came out and were placed in "E's" pot. There were 7 in total and I really thought we might need a bigger pot!

So all in all today was a wonderful day spent with mother nature and enjoying all she gives us!

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