Monday, 21 March 2011


I thought I would share with you, this weeks planned activities. We are still looking at Spring, Gardens and mini beasts and today was a fantastically hot day for the time of year. I think I have even managed to catch a little of the sun on my chest.

I spent a lot of time gathering FANTASTIC nature resources from here and got to printing, cutting and laminating!! I have come up with a few ideas for using them.

The first is for this Minibeast matching tray activity. I laminated the print outs and then cut the cards up to make little individual bug cards. I added a basket of plastic mini beasts and set a few out on the tray! The children simply match then plastic bugs to their card!

The second idea I had was to print out Minibeast colouring sheets and leave them out on a tray for the children to use, as and when they wanted.

 Next I laminated and cut out these idials. I joined them together with a split pin and already the boys have had a lovely time moving the front dial and seeing what each Minibeast is called! There are two. One for Minibeasts in the air and another for Minibeasts on the ground.

I also printed out some of the resources, laminated them and pinned them to the garden fences. I put up print outs of Butterfly and ladybird species, Minibeasts you might find in the garden and I have one about Spring plants and flowers and another about garden birds to put up!

The children loved looking at the posters and even found a ladybird to try and match to the ladybird identification poster!

the sheet of writing is more for my reference than theirs!!

On a side note, I noticed some of the little ones are a bit confused with their colour recognition so I set up a fun colour matching tray activity! 

I hope the sun stays with us now! it was lovely being outside all day and making the most of it!!

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