Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Today I had planed to take the children to the garden center to look at all the plants and pick up a few bits for our garden. We dropped the boys off at school and then headed off to a local one about 10 minutes away.
We had a lovely time looking at water features, plants, mothers day and Easter gifts! We looked at some bird feeding stations and decided it would be nice to get one. So we did! Along with a nice bird table and a nest!
We also found some bunches of silk flowers on offer. we decided to buy some so we could make our own Garden Center when we got home!

Once home we planted up our Lettuces that we bought! The children loved digging holes and putting in the plant plugs. We covered them over with cloches to stop the bunny from eating them!

We then set up the feeding station. the children are really hoping a bird will set up home in our nest but I am worried it might be a bit late..... we will have to see.

After planting we decided to gather up all the bits we needed for a Garden Center role play area. We had a lovely time and the little ones really got in to the role play. taking turns to be the shop keeper and the customers. Lots of mathematical language and talking about money and the coin values.

I think this might be something we will play over several weeks and add to as we go along!

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