Saturday, 19 March 2011


This week has been quite random. I hadn't really set up much in the way of play trays or planned activities but this turned out to be quite a good thing as the children raided cupboards and found things they haven't played with for ages!

We spent a morning exploring letters. Mainly letter recognition and matching. "C" and "E" found the Jnr Scrabble which I have never got out for the little ones before. I have always felt it was more for the older children. Both of them got very excited about pulling letter tiles out of the bag and even little "M" was asking me "what that one?"
We decided to make up a new game and just match up any tiles we pulled out to, the words on the board!

Next they brought me the Melisa and Doug's see and spell toy. We love this and we all had a lot of fun matching up the letters to the indents in the boards and then sounding out our finished words!

We also had a good time with numbers! They choose a number puzzle to work on together and with some help (only talking them through the next number) They helped each other to look at the box to see what they needed next and then search through the jigsaw pieces on the floor to find the piece they needed.

We have had some lovely weather this week and we had a lovely time walking in the woods with friends and dogs! We played in dens, collected treasures, peeled sticks and listened out for wildlife.... mainly pheasants!

St Patricks Day was spent with another childminder. Heather had set up some fantastic activities for all the children to do and we had a fantastic time. The little ones were asking when we can go back for a play as we drove home!
We made some Green peppermint creams, made marks in a tray of green rice, played with a green sensory box, a rainbow peg colour matching game and some water play with green ice.

I thought this looked a bit like abstract art!  
We had a really long chat about what was making the green ice stars melt in our hands. It was great to watch them trying to work this out.
"A" said "Our hands!" .... So I asked what it was about our hands that made it melt. This was causing some problems so I asked if we had hot or cold hands. This was a silly question as the ice was making our hands very cold... so they answered "Cold", I suddenly realised the flaw in my question, So I changed tact....
"What would happen if we put this ice back in the freezer? ... "It would freeze?" said "A".
"yes it would..... because it is very cold.... we are quite warm and when the ice touches us it feels that heat and melts! So it's the heat that makes it melt!"
We spent a long time seeing who could make their star the smallest by holding it and melting it!

Yummy edible messy play!

 So as you can see.... its been a week of fun, mainly child initiated play with lot's of exploring and learning!

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