Monday, 28 March 2011


This Sunday Brendan woke up and asked for Pancakes... Pooh Bear shaped Pancakes!  As with many people with Aspergers, Brendan has his obsessions. The latest is Pooh bear. which I actually don't mind so much as he seems to be quite a gentle and wholesome character.

So I set about making pancake batter and pouring it in to our Pooh Bear egg mould. I think it worked out quite well! He LOVED them and was very happy with how they turned out!

We also made some bread... not enough it would seem and by the evening I had another loaf in the oven! Kenzie did the kneeding for me!

We also finished off our Chicken coop. We have missed the middle bit of construction as my Sister and Dad did it last weekend and we were too busy. Yesterday they dropped it off and we all painted it with the Forget-me-not Blue that the boys chose! It's really bright and summery!

After lots of coats of paint and the sun drying it off nicely, we added it to the run which I had given a spring clean! The boys helped to spread the straw!

We think it looks fabby and the Chickens seem very happy with their new home!

We emptied the compost bin and Georgia, Heather and the boys dug it in to the veg bed while  I went and made everyone some food and a cup of tea!
After a food brake, we went out the back to the allotment and planted out our Potatoes and Onions. We had a lot of fun and it was lovely to chat with neighbours and be a bit more involved with the people that live around us. The children helped out with the planting and then went for a zoom around the close on their scooters!

Then it was getting dark and time for a well earnt rest! The Chickens are settled and the veg bed ready for some veg! And I ACHE!!!!!

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