Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This morning we drove up to a local Windmill and had a great morning of climbing and exploring! We went with another childminder friend and her little ones! We took the dogs and dressed up warm. This windmill is in the top of a very big hill and all around it is huge craters in the grass. not sure why the landscape is as it is but it's great for climbing and being very brave!

Please excuse the crude picture edits but it is to protect the identities of the children I care for.

Windmill! this picture was taken from the bottom of a BIG ditch!!

Some very clever climbing! Little legs on a BIG hill!

Everyone had a fabby morning and we were all ready for a warm drink and some lunch after much Exploring!

But we couldn't leave before we climbed the Windmill steps!

I am really looking forward to Spring arriving so we can spend a bit longer up here.  It was fantastic but very cold and windy at the top of the ditches. It will be great when it is not so blustery and maybe we can bring a picnic when it's warmer! It was lovely to be able to look at the changes around us. Little bulbs starting to pop up in the grass. Fitting in beautifully with our Spring and gardens theme! We didn't find any mini beasts unfortunately but we did find some sheep and a tyre swing! We even had a little Bear hunt which one boy found funny and joined in with. Every time we found a big mound to climb we recited lines from the book. "can't go through it.... got to go over it!". This was a great way to get little ones moving again if they started to slow up or tire a bit.

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