Tuesday, 19 April 2011


What a lovely, hot, sunny day we had today! So we decided to go for a walk with Heathers childminding
We drove to a local farm shop and parked up. They have a great place with lots of animals to look at. It's free to visit and has a lovely walk up a track by a stream.
We started with a picnic on a bench....... a Reindeer decided to try and get some of our lunch!

After lunch we walked up the track and visited the other animals. We saw sheep, lambs, lamas and pigs!

A bit further up we found a big pond with Ducks, Ducklings, Geese and Goslings! They were sooooo cute!
The boys found a little bridge and Brendan decided to start a game of Pooh sticks. All the children ran around gathering sticks and braking bigger sticks up to share. They all named themselves after a character from the Pooh Bear stories and then had races, throwing their sticks in one side and running to the other to see who's came out first!

A bit further up the path we found a great shallow part of the stream with a stony bottom and a rope swing! The kids could not wait to get in! We decided to strip down to pants just in case anyone slipped. And it was a good job we did! They loved it! We did get very muddy as the bank started to get wet! It was sooooo worth it though to see each one of them enjoy this time. No TV or gadgets...... just pure, natural fun!

This felt SOOOO good!!
After a very long play we made our way back to the cars and then drove home. On the way we stopped in another village for some ice lollies..... only to get drawn in to an Easter hunt! We sat and enjoyed the ice lollies and then took a treasure trail sheet each and went on a hunt for the 12 clues. Each clue was a letter and when written in order, gave the Easter treat we needed..... "Hot cross buns!"  They went in to the shop and swapped their finished sheets for a bag of chocolate eggs!

A great bit of number and letter recognition, mark making practice and team work..... all disguised in play!

So that was our day of fun and nature! and all of this cost nothing!

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