Friday, 15 April 2011


Our children are on half term this week and next. It is lovely to have everyone together and spend time doing fun things together!
Yesterday we decided to go to the woods for a picnic and a play. We spent the day with looking out for the little people and between us had 7 children and lots energy!

We started off with a nice picnic amongst the Bluebells. Everyone seemed ready for their lunch and the food didn't last long!

After lunch Brendan went off to find a good place to make a Fairy house. He found a clearing in the flowers and a tree stump. It was just the place to make a home for Mother Nature and her Root children. One by one the other children finished their lunch and joined him. Gathering sticks, flowers, moss, leaves, pine cones and anything else they could find to make this home.

team work to clear out a hole......  with a very large stick.

The design changed several times and there was lots of team work..... although Brendan seemed to be main architect! We even had a little lady bird move in!
I recited the story of the Root Children to them all as they built. Some children knew the story and chirped in with bits they remembered.... others just listened! I have to say the Root children have done a great job of covering the floor of the woods in beautiful Bluebells!
After about an hour we moved on to find some good trees to climb! Some of us got braver as the climbing went on.... some of us were brave from the start. I lost Brendan up the tree very quickly. His Auntie Georgia would be very proud as she has been teaching him the finer points of tree climbing over the years!

We found some trees that had been cut down. We had mentioned earlier in the walk that you must not peal bark off the tree's as they may get infections. One little boy started to peal the bark from a chopped down tree and another told him"You must not do that!" I was very impressed that they had listened so well, but I explained that it was ok with this tree as it had been chopped down and so it was dead....... Kenzie found this a bit sad and said it was a shame the tree had died and why did some one chop it down?
So we talked about the reasons that trees might need to be chopped down. They might have been diseased, used for wood or even for thinning out to prevent over crowding and making room and light for other plants!

We counted the rings on the tree to see how old it was. A little bit younger than mummy!

Kenzie and "C" counting tree rings!

We all had such a lovely time and all that natural space and fresh air is so good for everyone.

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