Friday, 22 April 2011


We have a new hobby! It's fun and gets us all out doors and helps me loose weight too!

We went on our first Geo caching adventure with friends at the weekend. Geo caching is a global game of hide and seek. People leave a box of treasures somewhere and then take the GPS co-ordinates and upload the info to the main web page! We then log on and look for local treasures to go hunt. Using a GPS device and a hint left on the site you go out to the location and look for the loot!  Once you have found it you take what you want, leave some new treasures and write in the log book! Its great fun and a great way to explore new places!

On Sunday we went with our friends to a Cache local to them. This was a slightly different one in that it was based on a puzzle. We used the clues left to find our way to the village church and looked for a grave with the name "Oswald" on it. Once we found it we needed the year of birth and death. My friend made up a little sheet for the kids to fill in. Great writing and number practice for them!

Next we were led to another location where we found 4 more numbers. When we found them we added them all up and the answer (9) gave us the last number for the last set of co-ordinates we needed.

Off we went...... getting a little lost...... and finally coming to a beautiful bridge a tree lined path. Our Cache was hidden in a lime tree..... we had no idea what a Lime tree looked like.... but I knew what it didn't look like! So that was a start. And there it was.... hidden in the tree trunk.

The kids carried it up on to a huge fallen tree trunk and opened up the box. This was really exciting and they all picked a goody to take home. Our friend filled out the log book and we added some new treasures we had brought from home, to the box, ready for the next treasure hunters to find!


The whole thing was a good 3 mile walk and the excitement of looking for clues and finding treasure kept everyone going! I found a local village which is quiet and stunning which I had never been to before, got up close and personal with some very friendly horses that followed us through a field and avoided the Trolls living under a bridge!

Today  I tried it out in one of our favourite wooded walks! Having looked on the site and getting the Cache co-ordinates and plumbing it in to my sat nav, we headed off with friends! 4 Adults, 9 children and 3 dogs!

We started with a Picnic and then headed off to the place where I knew we would be close to the Cache. I google mapped the co-ordinates to give myself a "Visual" clue of where we needed to be.
We followed the hints given by the person who hid the Cache and after about 10 minutes of hunting under trees and trying to work out how the co-ordinates worked (got my directions a bit muddled) we found the box!

We all gathered to check out the goodies, choose our rewards and add our treats to the box. We signed the book and hid it back where it was found! I am not sure who enjoyed it most.... the adults or the children.... I know there will be more Treasure hunts over this summer with the gang! The buzz after the hunt was great and the children were all happy with their goodies! Time to pop back to the car for a drink, and then a quick tree climb before heading home again!

Check out the Geo caching website for Caches near you and get out side for a bit of Treasure hunting!!

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