Sunday, 3 April 2011


What a lovely weekend it has been too.....

Yesterday we decided to pop in to Aylesbury to do a bit of shopping. I needed to get a couple of birthday gifts and also some flowers for my Mum. My sisters and I had decided to get her Garden Center vouchers as she is a very keen gardener, but I also wanted her to have something pretty on the day!

After a morning of playing Lego......

........we popped to the shops and got what we needed. It was lovely to see so many Dads out with their little ones, carrying bunches of flowers and bags of wrapping paper and cards.
After shopping we all went to a local Noodle Bar and had a really tasty meal!


Once the shopping and the meal was over we drove to my sisters! She had organised a really lovely afternoon of Tea and cake to celebrate Mothers Day. Mum and dad were driving to Cambridge to visit my Brother and Sister-in-law on Sunday, so we had our Mothers Day a day early!

Yummy cakes! Lots of Gluten free yummyness!

Tickle fight with Aunties!
Flowers for Nanny!   

In the evening we put together our "Magic sheep" that we won at school Bingo on Friday night! The boys were very excited to see how it would look when they woke up the next morning!

So that was our Saturday.

And Sunday was a really lovely chilled Mummy day for me!

I had Breakfast in bed brought up to me. A cup of tea and some Marmalade toast! Yummy!! 

My boys bought me a new purse and a lovely necklace that I wanted!

Kenzie kept asking me if it was my "happy mothers day yet??" he is such a sweetie!

Also the sheep grew some wool! (well crystals!)

Brendan was not feeling too good so he spent the afternoon on his Wii playing games with daddy while Kenzie and I planted our Spring Onions in the allotment and went to the park, where he tried to learn to ride his friends 2 wheeler bike. Still a bit scared but he managed a little ride before he put his feet down.... just got to work on his confidence now!

Another weekend gone in a blink.... but spent with loved ones!
The way it should be!
I hope all you fabby mummy's out there had a lovely Mothers Day!

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