Sunday, 10 April 2011


This week has been mainly focused on two areas...

The first is the impending Royal Wedding. We Started our month of Prince and Princesses/ weddings! Lots of fun ideas and the children are really enjoying this interesting theme. One little boy is actually very in to weddings at the moment and has been telling me that his Mummy and Daddy got married in a church, so this seems to fit fantastically with following his interests. And what little girl doesn't like dressing up in a Vail?
Here are 2 tray activities that I found on i-child and Activity village!

Decorate the Royal wedding cake!

Dress William and Katie for their big day!
Add the accessories to perfect the look!

We have lots of fun things planned and I am really enjoying this opportunity to be part of something special!

The other theme this week has been "Numbers". Through my observations I have noticed many of the children are finding it hard to recognise numbers and name them. So we have been looking at numbers more closely this week.
 We have had the magnetic number boards out and the magnetic numbers. I left these out for free play and just thought we would look at naming the numbers, but one little girl noticed the mathematical symbols mixed in with the numbers and asked what they were for. So we put together some simple addition sums and she counted out the answers on her fingers and then looked for the correct number magnet. It was lovely to see her not only recognising numbers but looking to extend her understanding of numbers and their use!

simple addition.

Adding up on our fingers!

After a rummage in the playroom the girls came in with an Alien making kit and asked if they could make some.... so off we went to the kitchen and started making Aliens. Not what I had planned but that's the beauty of child led play!

First we made the mold in the play dough

Squeeze in the goo!

Cut out a lid!

Then place it on the top!  
wait 5 minutes..... more numbers!!

Then check the Alien is set!
Then take him out!
And of course all Aliens need a space ship to fly around in!

So we gathered the things we wanted to use to make our spaceships!

Got out the hot glue gun and set about sticking bits together and designing the perfect Alien transport!

This was made by "A" who is nearly 5!

This one was designed by "E" who is 4.5 years!
It's great to see where children's ideas take you!

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