Tuesday, 31 May 2011



100 POSTS! I can't quite believe it!
41 lovely followers all popping in to read my posts! That feels really good!

I have had parents call me up asking for places for their children in my childminding setting  after reading this blog and that is a real compliment to the fun and learning I try to offer to the children who come here.
This is just a very small post to say thanks to you all! Thanks for popping buy, Thanks for being a follower and thanks for all your kind comments! I love reading the feedback I get!

I really hope I have helped some of you with ideas for fun, educational experiences for your children and given you some new things to try. I hope I have shared just a little of the fun and learning Nature has to offer! I know you have all helped me and I love reading through all the posts from fellow bloggers! I learn something new every day from you all!

So this post is really just a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!

If you haven't already joined then please pop over to my Facebook page for regular up dates and pictures! Leave me feedback and if you like what you see, please share with friends!

Pip xx

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