Monday, 1 August 2011


I thought I would post some of the things we have been up too whilst I have been absent from Blogging.

On this particular weekend, we had stopped off at a local garden centre for some pet supplies and the boys asked for some canes to make a den with. I was not really sure how they planned to do it but the canes were not expensive so I went with it. They found some cane connectors and asked for those too.

Once we got home they started to work on the best and strongest shape to make. This took some debating between them and eventually they started to build. The base of their structure was not very strong and the connectors..... well they didn't really connect...... so I stepped in to help. I showed them how to make a base first and then we decided on a triangular shape...... although i think a Tepee would have been better in hindsight!

We got fed up with the connectors not connecting so resorted to sellotape as well!

We hunted out some fabric to cover the frame.............

And there we had it! The boys den! I was quite impressed by their ideas and although it did not go to plan it was great to see them problem solving and finding new ways to make it work!

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