Wednesday, 27 July 2011


It's been another long time between posts. this is not good and I must get back on track! I love blogging but for some reason I just haven't been doing it recently. So sorry to all my lovely readers and I will try harder! lol!

So What have we been up too? Well we had a fabby time down in Southsea a couple of weekends ago. I have to say we were a bit disappointed with Southsea itself. Not much going on. We visited it for an evening last year and that was enough I think. but to actually stay in for a length of time... well just not really much going on. The 1st night there we did find a place to eat but they were soooooo slow. over an hour for drinks.... let alone food. and then they got the orders wrong. So we decided the following night to eat on the Isle of White. Not the cheapest of options to get a hover craft over their for the evening but it was very pretty and there was a wonderful bar with very friendly and helpful staff!

On the way down to Southsea we went to Monkey world. Not really on the way but we thought we would take a detour as both the boys have been desperate to see the monkeys after becoming addicted to the series on sky! They love their nature programs and this one really touched their hearts. They know a lot of the monkeys buy name and remember stories of things they have done, or how they came to be at the rescue center. We even got to say hi to Jeremy one of the guys who set up the place when he walked past us!

Having a drink before we set off to see the Monkeys!
Brendan saying hi to a Monkey in its sleeping area having a rest!
Brendan helping his brother out!

Kenzie filming his visit!

Baby Bart making a nest!

It was a lovely afternoon and great to see the monkeys in a safe environment and learning to be monkeys again. such sad stories for some of them but a happy safe ending,Thankfully!

We spent a lovely evening walking along the beach on the Isle of White the following day! Sandy beach and lots of shells to collect! We checked our phones for local Geocaches when we arrived and headed off to the nearest one. A nice evening stroll! We had a fabby time finding this one and with the clue I worked out where it was and fished it out of its hiding place! Then a gentle walk back to the bar I mentioned before, for some yummy dinner and a game of pool!

The following day we took the car over and spent all day on the island. We visited a dinosaur museum which was rather fun! Very interactive and we got to dig up some bones!

2 rather tired boys! we had some late nights!
Digging up a dinosaur!!

Doing some art in the Dinosaur education centre!

Then we whizzed off to a Roman villa! checked out some mosaics and even made our own to take home!

Then it was off to Alum Bay to the Needles park. The boys and I wanted to fill bottles with the famous coloured sands. It just had to be done.... so we did!

The Needles!
lots of great colours to play with!
A great day on the Isle of White. I think next year we will book a holiday there as there was still loads we would have liked to have visited. So pretty over there as well!

We had a great trip around the submarine museum in Gosport as well while we were away. Got to go on an old submarine for a tour and they had lots of fun activities and experiments for the boys to play with. They loved playing with all the buttons and switches on the Sub! Pretended to drive it and the man even turned on the red lights and made the clacksons go off!

So that's our weekend away! was pretty packed and busy but great to spend some real time together, no housework, laptops, tv, work or school to get in the way! Just fun, fun, FUN!!

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