Monday, 29 August 2011


This week has been a rather odd one. The summer weather seems to have left us and Autumn seems to be setting in a bit early. But then all the seasons seem to be a bit out this year. So we have had lots of indoor based play this week.

Kenzie, "E" and "N" decided to make a den in my kitchen with blankets, clothes horses and my kitchen table and chairs! This kept them really busy for ages. They took drawing supplies in and created some lovely pictures to stick to the wall in their den for decorating! They even had drink and snack time in there!

We painted our wooden Dinosaurs.

This is Kenzie adding a bloody mouth to his Dinosaur after Brendan said it would look good! I think he looks a bit like he has lip stick on in this photo!!

sadly this week my long serving Audi 100 Estate passed away :-( She is currently sat out on the road not moving and it was made very clear i needed to get something else... and something with more seats as i have been relying on good friends to help me take my troops out over the holidays. So I have put a deposit down on this Toyota Previa. 8seats and doubles up as a camper van! We have wanted a camper van for a while so this offers us a compromise and looks to be just what what I need for work. Toyota have a great reputation for reliability and my dads Space cruiser did him a real service for 24 years.... so I am feeling good about this. we pick her up on Wednesday evening after she has had her Cam belt changed.

This morning we saw a brake in the rain and the sun came out. The boys found a giant bubble wand in the cupboard and ran outside to play! Kenzie made the bubbles and Brendan caught them!


Another one floats up to the Heavens!

Tomorrow is Bank holiday Monday! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Nearly the end of car boot season  :-( What will we do with our Sunday mornings?
 But with it being a Bank Holiday weekend this week I plan on bagging some more bargains before the season is up!

This weekend I really did get some great items at a very reasonable price!

this is my favourite!!! Only £1.50!! and such a cute, vintage style toy! Kenzie calls these "Hockey Horses!" rather than Hobby horses, might have something to do with his hearing problems... but I think its quite cute that he has a special word for them!

These little baskets were just fantastic! I fell in love with them as soon as i saw them and new they would be great with this Tree house toy we have. I attached a larger basket to the crane and then filled the smaller baskets with an Acorn or nut! Looks like the Woodland folk are starting to gather up for Winter a bit early!

And at the bottom of the Tree another Woodland folk is filling the baskets with Treasures from the woodland floor! All ready to be hoisted up!
These baskets cost me 50p for all of them!

I also bought some larger baskets for toy storage and some lettuces for the tortoise and Satsumas for the children.

In total I spent around £4 on everything! Now that's a good mornings foraging!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


This morning Mother Nature was having a wash day! I opened the curtains to a very wet garden, ran out to let the chickens out of their coop and dashed back in before I got too soggy! 

This did not stop us from enjoying some indoor fun though! It was still quite warm so the back door was propped open for fresh air to come wafting through.... bringing with it the lovely smell of freshly fallen rain!

The youngest of today's children enjoyed exploring our Treasure basket. Passing objects to each other and mouthing everything, exploring the different size, shape and texture of each exciting new thing!

Older children worked hard on today's theme related project. We are still looking at Summer and beaches but there is a huge interest in Dinosaurs with some of the children so we have decided to add that to our theme too! Kenzie carefully sanding down his T-Rex head!

 Little "E" worked very hard on selecting the correct piece of wood and following my instructions on where it needed to be fitted! Such concentration  for a small person!

We even added in some mathematical conversation. The ribs and the tail bones all differed slightly in size. We lay the pieces out and I asked the boys "which is the biggest?"
They each found the biggest part and attached it to the Dinosaur.
 "Now which is the biggest?" and so we continued. With The tail bones we started with the smallest and worked to the biggest!

Careful gluing!

We decided to make some lovely pictures of  Dinosaurs in a Volcanic scene! Lots of colourful Lava!

Kenzie added Spaceships in the sky...... maybe we watch too much "Ancient Aliens".........

Baby "R" surprised us all with how well she managed sticking, peeling and re-sticking stickers on her picture. We did help her with the Volcano but the rest she managed alone!

This is little "E"s picture!

Kenzie's finished picture!

Baby "L" exploring some more Treasures and looking after her baby doll!

Kenzie and little "E" spent much of the day playing with Playmobile. They turned a Mayan Temple in to a vets with bits from other sets! Their conversations were lovely to listen too, as they played!

Later this afternoon we made some Banana, cinnamon and fruit cake. Lots of mixing, weighing and licking out of bowls!

Our Dinosaurs drying ready to be painted tomorrow! I wonder what colours the boys will choose?

Well today was lovely.... I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

Monday, 15 August 2011


Today has been a lovely calm and gentle day, with everyone becoming absorbed in purposeful and meaningful work and play all day. It really does make a difference to the day when the children are involved in the everyday activities that take up so much of my time each day. To give them a job that makes them feel helpful and needed not only gives them life skills but also gives them a real sense of achievement and a confidence boost!

We made some lovely Almond and poppy seed muffins this morning. This is a lovely recipe my friend shared with me last summer.   

Brendan carefully cracked the eggs. This is one of his favourite jobs when we cook and he is getting very good at it! 

Some lovely local Honey instead of using refined sugar

Kenzie is really careful with a knife and i have started to allow him to use the grown up knives rather than the children's safety knives. He feels very grown up with this responsibility!

"E" worked very hard at squeezing out as much of the orange juice as he could. Look at the concentration and effort on his face!

"E" mixed the Poppy seeds and Almonds together while Brendan and Kenzie mixed all the wet ingredients together in another bowl.

After we mixed everything together and put it in the muffin cases, the boys started on their dinner. "E" enjoyed chopping the carrots even though some of the carrots seemed to have a life of their own and "PINGED" off across the kitchen!

Then "E" washed and pealed the onion ready for Kenzie to chop!

The boys were very excited to eat the meal they had made and "E" even ate some peas and Carrots which he was adamant he didn't like!  

Brendan did not want tuna pasta bake for dinner so he made himself some pizzas. Here he is squeezing the Tomato puree on his bread.

Adding his cheese and pepperoni toppings!

Baby "L" is such a happy little thing and during lunch she insisted on showing me her toes with every spoonful!

"E" brought back shells and sea weed from his holiday to Wales a couple of weeks ago. We decided to have our very own ocean today and got out the goodies he brought us and the sea creatures!

baby "L" could not wait to get her hands in to the water and have a good splash! She took a liking to a large pebble which she sucked on between splashes!

And here are our lovely finished muffins! They have been enjoyed for pudding tonight with some yogurt and fresh berries!

Sunday, 14 August 2011


I thought  I would start joining in with this after seeing several on other Blogs!

A moment in time captured, shared and hopefully it speaks something to everyone about how my Sunday has been spent and enjoyed!

The essence of it encompassed in one shot!

Family time with a Fire pit and Marshmallows!


Kenzie loves cooking and last night he decided he wanted to cook dinner for us! It really was a very lovely meal and he was so pleased with himself once he had finished and filled him with such a sense of achievement! 

Here he is pouring the pasta in the bowl.

Chopping the carrots

I do feel he is now old enough and respectful enough to be using sharp knifes under my supervision. I feel we shield our children from these "Real" situations, and the only way we can teach them to use tools carefully is to actually let them try and gently guide them. 

These are the onions we picked from our Allotment

Kenzie chose one to wash and peal

Then chopped

and added to the pan!

Time for some sausages..... only half of them made it to the pan as he enjoyed eating them as he chopped!

A nice green pepper!

Finely chopped with this rather cool chopping gadget! The kids love it as it requires quite a lot of whacking on the top!!

Yummy.... frozen peas!

Some of them did make it to the pan!

Passatta added!

Cheese grated 

He even set the table!

and brought me my meal!

It really was yummy!!

It was only fair that I did the washing up after all his hard work.

 He then went on to make pudding!

Lots of very yummy, healthy fruit!

Adding some yogurt!

These life skills are so important, but many children do not get these experiences and are so disconnected from the process of food preparation. Many children do not know the names of vegetables when they start school and this really shocks me! I really feel children are more inclined to try new foods and eat better when involved in the making of their meals!


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