Monday, 15 August 2011


Today has been a lovely calm and gentle day, with everyone becoming absorbed in purposeful and meaningful work and play all day. It really does make a difference to the day when the children are involved in the everyday activities that take up so much of my time each day. To give them a job that makes them feel helpful and needed not only gives them life skills but also gives them a real sense of achievement and a confidence boost!

We made some lovely Almond and poppy seed muffins this morning. This is a lovely recipe my friend shared with me last summer.   

Brendan carefully cracked the eggs. This is one of his favourite jobs when we cook and he is getting very good at it! 

Some lovely local Honey instead of using refined sugar

Kenzie is really careful with a knife and i have started to allow him to use the grown up knives rather than the children's safety knives. He feels very grown up with this responsibility!

"E" worked very hard at squeezing out as much of the orange juice as he could. Look at the concentration and effort on his face!

"E" mixed the Poppy seeds and Almonds together while Brendan and Kenzie mixed all the wet ingredients together in another bowl.

After we mixed everything together and put it in the muffin cases, the boys started on their dinner. "E" enjoyed chopping the carrots even though some of the carrots seemed to have a life of their own and "PINGED" off across the kitchen!

Then "E" washed and pealed the onion ready for Kenzie to chop!

The boys were very excited to eat the meal they had made and "E" even ate some peas and Carrots which he was adamant he didn't like!  

Brendan did not want tuna pasta bake for dinner so he made himself some pizzas. Here he is squeezing the Tomato puree on his bread.

Adding his cheese and pepperoni toppings!

Baby "L" is such a happy little thing and during lunch she insisted on showing me her toes with every spoonful!

"E" brought back shells and sea weed from his holiday to Wales a couple of weeks ago. We decided to have our very own ocean today and got out the goodies he brought us and the sea creatures!

baby "L" could not wait to get her hands in to the water and have a good splash! She took a liking to a large pebble which she sucked on between splashes!

And here are our lovely finished muffins! They have been enjoyed for pudding tonight with some yogurt and fresh berries!

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