Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Nearly the end of car boot season  :-( What will we do with our Sunday mornings?
 But with it being a Bank Holiday weekend this week I plan on bagging some more bargains before the season is up!

This weekend I really did get some great items at a very reasonable price!

this is my favourite!!! Only £1.50!! and such a cute, vintage style toy! Kenzie calls these "Hockey Horses!" rather than Hobby horses, might have something to do with his hearing problems... but I think its quite cute that he has a special word for them!

These little baskets were just fantastic! I fell in love with them as soon as i saw them and new they would be great with this Tree house toy we have. I attached a larger basket to the crane and then filled the smaller baskets with an Acorn or nut! Looks like the Woodland folk are starting to gather up for Winter a bit early!

And at the bottom of the Tree another Woodland folk is filling the baskets with Treasures from the woodland floor! All ready to be hoisted up!
These baskets cost me 50p for all of them!

I also bought some larger baskets for toy storage and some lettuces for the tortoise and Satsumas for the children.

In total I spent around £4 on everything! Now that's a good mornings foraging!!

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