Sunday, 14 August 2011


Kenzie loves cooking and last night he decided he wanted to cook dinner for us! It really was a very lovely meal and he was so pleased with himself once he had finished and filled him with such a sense of achievement! 

Here he is pouring the pasta in the bowl.

Chopping the carrots

I do feel he is now old enough and respectful enough to be using sharp knifes under my supervision. I feel we shield our children from these "Real" situations, and the only way we can teach them to use tools carefully is to actually let them try and gently guide them. 

These are the onions we picked from our Allotment

Kenzie chose one to wash and peal

Then chopped

and added to the pan!

Time for some sausages..... only half of them made it to the pan as he enjoyed eating them as he chopped!

A nice green pepper!

Finely chopped with this rather cool chopping gadget! The kids love it as it requires quite a lot of whacking on the top!!

Yummy.... frozen peas!

Some of them did make it to the pan!

Passatta added!

Cheese grated 

He even set the table!

and brought me my meal!

It really was yummy!!

It was only fair that I did the washing up after all his hard work.

 He then went on to make pudding!

Lots of very yummy, healthy fruit!

Adding some yogurt!

These life skills are so important, but many children do not get these experiences and are so disconnected from the process of food preparation. Many children do not know the names of vegetables when they start school and this really shocks me! I really feel children are more inclined to try new foods and eat better when involved in the making of their meals!

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