Monday, 29 August 2011


This week has been a rather odd one. The summer weather seems to have left us and Autumn seems to be setting in a bit early. But then all the seasons seem to be a bit out this year. So we have had lots of indoor based play this week.

Kenzie, "E" and "N" decided to make a den in my kitchen with blankets, clothes horses and my kitchen table and chairs! This kept them really busy for ages. They took drawing supplies in and created some lovely pictures to stick to the wall in their den for decorating! They even had drink and snack time in there!

We painted our wooden Dinosaurs.

This is Kenzie adding a bloody mouth to his Dinosaur after Brendan said it would look good! I think he looks a bit like he has lip stick on in this photo!!

sadly this week my long serving Audi 100 Estate passed away :-( She is currently sat out on the road not moving and it was made very clear i needed to get something else... and something with more seats as i have been relying on good friends to help me take my troops out over the holidays. So I have put a deposit down on this Toyota Previa. 8seats and doubles up as a camper van! We have wanted a camper van for a while so this offers us a compromise and looks to be just what what I need for work. Toyota have a great reputation for reliability and my dads Space cruiser did him a real service for 24 years.... so I am feeling good about this. we pick her up on Wednesday evening after she has had her Cam belt changed.

This morning we saw a brake in the rain and the sun came out. The boys found a giant bubble wand in the cupboard and ran outside to play! Kenzie made the bubbles and Brendan caught them!


Another one floats up to the Heavens!

Tomorrow is Bank holiday Monday! 

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