Tuesday, 23 August 2011


This morning Mother Nature was having a wash day! I opened the curtains to a very wet garden, ran out to let the chickens out of their coop and dashed back in before I got too soggy! 

This did not stop us from enjoying some indoor fun though! It was still quite warm so the back door was propped open for fresh air to come wafting through.... bringing with it the lovely smell of freshly fallen rain!

The youngest of today's children enjoyed exploring our Treasure basket. Passing objects to each other and mouthing everything, exploring the different size, shape and texture of each exciting new thing!

Older children worked hard on today's theme related project. We are still looking at Summer and beaches but there is a huge interest in Dinosaurs with some of the children so we have decided to add that to our theme too! Kenzie carefully sanding down his T-Rex head!

 Little "E" worked very hard on selecting the correct piece of wood and following my instructions on where it needed to be fitted! Such concentration  for a small person!

We even added in some mathematical conversation. The ribs and the tail bones all differed slightly in size. We lay the pieces out and I asked the boys "which is the biggest?"
They each found the biggest part and attached it to the Dinosaur.
 "Now which is the biggest?" and so we continued. With The tail bones we started with the smallest and worked to the biggest!

Careful gluing!

We decided to make some lovely pictures of  Dinosaurs in a Volcanic scene! Lots of colourful Lava!

Kenzie added Spaceships in the sky...... maybe we watch too much "Ancient Aliens".........

Baby "R" surprised us all with how well she managed sticking, peeling and re-sticking stickers on her picture. We did help her with the Volcano but the rest she managed alone!

This is little "E"s picture!

Kenzie's finished picture!

Baby "L" exploring some more Treasures and looking after her baby doll!

Kenzie and little "E" spent much of the day playing with Playmobile. They turned a Mayan Temple in to a vets with bits from other sets! Their conversations were lovely to listen too, as they played!

Later this afternoon we made some Banana, cinnamon and fruit cake. Lots of mixing, weighing and licking out of bowls!

Our Dinosaurs drying ready to be painted tomorrow! I wonder what colours the boys will choose?

Well today was lovely.... I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

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