Friday, 30 September 2011


Today the children and I, along with some friends, all stopped at the local Antique Centre in the village for afternoon tea and cake in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This was part of the worlds biggest coffee morning which is held around the Uk in peoples homes, cafes, schools and... well anywhere really!

We took part in this last year and we all sat inside in our jumpers and walked the dog around the park after in very cold weather. All wrapped up in scarfs and coats. What a contrast to this years event! All sat in the garden enjoying the sun, children running around and not a jumper or coat in sight!

Going out for Tea and Cake is one of the boys favourite things to do!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


What is going on with the seasons this year!? Feels like the height of summer again today. We just were not prepared for it. Had to fish out the school shorts again and resurrect my sandals!

But not complaining! Its lovely to have the Sun back... even if tonight is unbearably hot!!

Here is a bit of our day!  "E" and I made apple crumble with the huge amount of apples we have! I also turned a good amount of them in to apple sauce yesterday, but still got enough to keep us in puddings for the next few weeks!

We made this with Kenzie's dairy free butter so he could have some too!

Baby "L" cooled off in the kitchen sink with some sea creatures for company! Seemed to keep her happy for a while and she got to watch all the Tractors coming and going past the window, busy with the harvest!

"E" and I spent some time on his Phonics and early reading work. He loved getting the gold stars each time he completed a page in the book!

After picking the boys up from school we all headed down to the park and the den we made at the weekend. We are making the most of this sun as the forecast predicts snow next month!! Not that I can believe that with the heat we have this week!

My boys do love a good bit of Tree climbing!!

Then home for showers and Brendan helped to make his favourite meal. Chicken Fajitas! I made them every weekend when I was pregnant with him and I love that he adores them so much. we used to joke that I was having a Fajita baby!

Not a bad days busyness!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


This week we were treated to an extra Bargain hunt with some stalls at the local Autumn fair.

These are the top bargains of the weekend!

This is a cute little wooden Tractor we got for the farm set... 50p!

some silks to play with 50p for the lot!

A really cute story about a tree.  This deserves a post of its own at some point! so I will share it with you!

Kenzie's personal favourite is his Cyberman costume. Brand new and £4!!

Last car boot in the village next week :-(  Oh well we really don't need any more stuff in this house!!


Enjoying the sun while it is still with us! Today was a lovely warm Autumnal day and we spent the morning looking for bargains at the local car boot sale. After stopping home for a quick cuppa we took the dogs out for a long walk with my sister and her partner. They had come to try out my Geocaches that I have hidden in the fields around the village. We had a lovely long walk and stopped at the park on the way home.

There is a Willow tree that has a very big branch broken off. This branch is actually a shape that means it holds itself up and the children have been climbing up and down it for the past few weeks. Today though we decided to make it in to a den with all the smaller, loose willow branches that were lay around.

This is how it looked!

Lets hope it doesn't get trashed by the big kids before we can go back for a play tomorrow! They all had so much fun building it, and other families walked over to see what we were up to!

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Today was our Village Autumn fair. The boys were asked to decorate paper plates for a competition, along the theme of Autumn. Brendan did not want to take part in the fair. Sometimes crowds and Autism get the better of him and so he opted out of this possible stress and stayed home with Daddy.
Kenzie and I however really wanted to go so we sat down to get make his decorated plate using all the Autumnal bits we collected last week. We used the hot glue gun to completely cover the plate with stunning red and yellow leaves. Then Kenzie chose to make a face on the plate using conkers, acorns and teasels! Part way through he looked up at me, all excited and said "I know! its a LION!"

Off we went with our decorated plate and box of cookies we had made to donate to the school cake stall up there!

We had a lovely time looking at the stalls selling things people no longer needed. We got some lovely bargains and new toys! We took part in a few game stalls, Lucky dips and sat drinking tea and eating cake with friends!

Can you imagine our excitement when Kenzies plate won 1st place!!!! he got a medal and a sketch book and pencil set! He was so happy!

"Are you proud of me mummy?".... bless him. of course I am. he was such a good boy the whole time we were out and worked really hard on his plate.

We also made some little clay and walnut shell tortoise's this morning. Brendan was really keen to join in with this!  First we had to soften the hard clay in our hands. This is great for helping the boys finger muscles to strengthen and in turn helps them to develop the strength needed to write!

Then came the shaping of the clay!

and lastly the shells needed adding!
I think they look quite sweet!

This is Kenzies!

On a totally un-related subject, I just had to share something that the grown ups in the house achieved today that has been 3 years in the completing! We have been showering with no shower screen and having to hold the shower head while doing so for the past 3 years. It is amazing what you find you have got used to doing. Today was the day we got the new shower screen and put it up... and then the shower rail... and while we were on a flow... the mirror I bought over a year ago and my bathroom sign on the door!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Today "E" and I sat down to some painting. We gathered our water colour paper and lovely stockmar paints.
I told him the story of St Michael defeating Lucifer. "E" started to paint, watching how his colours mixed and re-telling me bits of the story.
 He wanted to know about the good Angels and the bad Angels.

I stood close by in the kitchen and started to make Bread as he painted away.
"Tell me about it again!" he said, still painting. So I did.
Once the Bread was kneeded and left to rise I sat back down next to him a quietly started to paint. First the background, leaving it to dry for a few minutes, then painting the Dragon, Then St Michael.
"He's the good Angel...... he needs wings"
So I painted wings
"The Dragon is the bad Angel, he fell from Heaven and lost his wings!"

We hung our paintings on the wall above the Nature display. The top picture is a lovely Dragon "E" painted. I added some features for him like eyes and claws. He was so happy to have a Dragon painting on the wall to show Mummy when she picked him up. Some of the children like to take all their pictures home rather than have them displayed but he loves to see his work up for everyone to see!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


This afternoon the children an I went for a walk around the village gathering up things for our nature table. I especially like this for Autumn as there is soooooo much to gather and collect!

This is our favourite Conker tree and it is on a nice quiet cobbled path so no traffic. We can relax and collect to our hearts content!

 Nothing finer than a lovely new Conker braking out of his shell. all shiny and new!

Can you see what we spotted on our way home?..... just up there in the trees! I have lived in this village for  over 7 years and have never seen these beauties hiding up there! Huge pine cones. "E" helped me gather some stones and with some careful aiming I managed to knock two out!!

We collected some beautiful leaves, pink sycamore seeds, Hazel nuts, sticks and a log!

 "E" balanced across the fallen tree to find some goodies!

Then home to lay it all out in the Playroom! We found some fabric and a little Tortoise friend! I think he needs some buddies. Maybe we will find him a Hedgehog and Squirrel to keep him company and make some felted Gnomes.

Didn't take long for a Michaelmas Dragon to find his way on to the stump though! Cheeky thing!

Happy Autumn Friends! Its such a wonderful time of year! When else is there such a richness of warm colours around us and such Treasures to collect!


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