Saturday, 24 September 2011


Today was our Village Autumn fair. The boys were asked to decorate paper plates for a competition, along the theme of Autumn. Brendan did not want to take part in the fair. Sometimes crowds and Autism get the better of him and so he opted out of this possible stress and stayed home with Daddy.
Kenzie and I however really wanted to go so we sat down to get make his decorated plate using all the Autumnal bits we collected last week. We used the hot glue gun to completely cover the plate with stunning red and yellow leaves. Then Kenzie chose to make a face on the plate using conkers, acorns and teasels! Part way through he looked up at me, all excited and said "I know! its a LION!"

Off we went with our decorated plate and box of cookies we had made to donate to the school cake stall up there!

We had a lovely time looking at the stalls selling things people no longer needed. We got some lovely bargains and new toys! We took part in a few game stalls, Lucky dips and sat drinking tea and eating cake with friends!

Can you imagine our excitement when Kenzies plate won 1st place!!!! he got a medal and a sketch book and pencil set! He was so happy!

"Are you proud of me mummy?".... bless him. of course I am. he was such a good boy the whole time we were out and worked really hard on his plate.

We also made some little clay and walnut shell tortoise's this morning. Brendan was really keen to join in with this!  First we had to soften the hard clay in our hands. This is great for helping the boys finger muscles to strengthen and in turn helps them to develop the strength needed to write!

Then came the shaping of the clay!

and lastly the shells needed adding!
I think they look quite sweet!

This is Kenzies!

On a totally un-related subject, I just had to share something that the grown ups in the house achieved today that has been 3 years in the completing! We have been showering with no shower screen and having to hold the shower head while doing so for the past 3 years. It is amazing what you find you have got used to doing. Today was the day we got the new shower screen and put it up... and then the shower rail... and while we were on a flow... the mirror I bought over a year ago and my bathroom sign on the door!

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