Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I thought it might be nice to share some of the stories we are using in the setting and enjoying each week.
This week we started our Autumn and Michaelmas topics!  This means we needed to find books about Autumn and Dragons! This is such a great time of year! such colour all around us, and .... Dragons!! it really doesn't get much better!

This is the story we will be reading this week!

Brave Bitsy and the Bear by Angela McAllister and Tiphanie  Beeke

This story is just so sweet and caring. Poor Bitsy Rabbit falls out of her girls pocket and is lost in the woods. But a kind and very sleepy Bear takes her home. Bitsy helps Bear to stay awake by singing to him on the journey. But after Bitsy gets home it starts to snow and she worries that Bear might not have made it home to his cave, without her singing to keep him awake. So she goes off to look for him, worrying all the way that he will freeze if he is out in the snow. Sure enough she finds him asleep in the snow and can not wake him. So she tries to keep him warm. With the help of all the forest animals she manages to make Bear a shelter where he sleeps, to keep him safe! On the first day of Spring she goes back and the two friends are happy to be reunited!

My youngest son loved this story and so did I.  Lots of rich Autumn colours on every page and real story of friendship and kindness!

For more Autumn reads please pop over to Mama UK's Seasonal book basket!

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