Monday, 19 September 2011


The car boots are trailing off in the village now and getting smaller and smaller. My pocket and house is probably saying that's a good thing. Less temptation to buy stuff and bring it  home. But I am finding some lovely bits!  This week the boys joined me and their dad at the booty. We don't usually take them as they get bored once their change is spent. But this weekend they slept over at their Aunties and so we met them all at the booty in the morning!

Brendan found this anti gravity, window walking robot! All about the suction in the feet apparently! and it walks along the glass. He had hours of fun with this and all for 50p!

Kenzie found a game he has been after for a little while now! Also 50p and gave us lots of fun on a Sunday afternoon!

With Michaelmas just round the corner I was hoping to find some dragons! Really I wanted some wooden ones but one stall had all these!! and she sold me them all for £4!

"E" was so excited to see the new additions when he arrived this morning, and was soon in a full blown imaginative play mode!

Brendan spent most of Sunday afternoon devising ways to carry Kenzies Aliens across the playroom roof  using his robot! We had 3 little baskets attached at one point with a little Alien in each! I love how he problem solves and creates things!

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