Sunday, 25 September 2011


Enjoying the sun while it is still with us! Today was a lovely warm Autumnal day and we spent the morning looking for bargains at the local car boot sale. After stopping home for a quick cuppa we took the dogs out for a long walk with my sister and her partner. They had come to try out my Geocaches that I have hidden in the fields around the village. We had a lovely long walk and stopped at the park on the way home.

There is a Willow tree that has a very big branch broken off. This branch is actually a shape that means it holds itself up and the children have been climbing up and down it for the past few weeks. Today though we decided to make it in to a den with all the smaller, loose willow branches that were lay around.

This is how it looked!

Lets hope it doesn't get trashed by the big kids before we can go back for a play tomorrow! They all had so much fun building it, and other families walked over to see what we were up to!

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