Sunday, 11 September 2011


We spent a lovely sunny day last week at the local "pick your own" farm! We started off with a quick play on the giant slide before heading off in to nature to pick some wonderful fresh berries!

Looking up through the raspberry canes and enjoying the blue sky with lush ripe berries waiting to be picked!

Brendan gets right in with his tray. One for the pot one for the mouth! I feel it is so important for children to be part of the gathering process of food. Not just popping to a supermarket and grabbing a pre packed punnet. Actually tasting the freshness of ripe berries off the bush! learning to recognise the plant that these treasures come from, seeing the ladybirds doing their job of ridding the plant of aphids.

Brendan found a VERY heavy wheel barrow to put our baskets on. He did a wonderful job of pushing it across the fields.

Kenzie also found a wheelbarrow. i have no idea how he managed to move it, but with determination... he did just that! Even up hill! Aunty Heather did step in and help every now and then!

We decided to gather some carrots as well for the bunny! We loved the different shapes and sizes that came up!

the boys loved the digging up of carrots and we ended up having far more than we needed or could use! I gave some to my sister and spent an hour chopping and part cooking them, ready to bag up and freeze over the colder months when we have no fresh carrots available to us! Other than shop bought that is!

A couple of the smaller carrots made great teethers for a teething baby!

and these 2 Carrots I have not been able to eat. They look like they are cuddling! They have grown like this together, coming out of the Earth entwined and covered in mud!


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