Tuesday, 20 September 2011


This afternoon the children an I went for a walk around the village gathering up things for our nature table. I especially like this for Autumn as there is soooooo much to gather and collect!

This is our favourite Conker tree and it is on a nice quiet cobbled path so no traffic. We can relax and collect to our hearts content!

 Nothing finer than a lovely new Conker braking out of his shell. all shiny and new!

Can you see what we spotted on our way home?..... just up there in the trees! I have lived in this village for  over 7 years and have never seen these beauties hiding up there! Huge pine cones. "E" helped me gather some stones and with some careful aiming I managed to knock two out!!

We collected some beautiful leaves, pink sycamore seeds, Hazel nuts, sticks and a log!

 "E" balanced across the fallen tree to find some goodies!

Then home to lay it all out in the Playroom! We found some fabric and a little Tortoise friend! I think he needs some buddies. Maybe we will find him a Hedgehog and Squirrel to keep him company and make some felted Gnomes.

Didn't take long for a Michaelmas Dragon to find his way on to the stump though! Cheeky thing!

Happy Autumn Friends! Its such a wonderful time of year! When else is there such a richness of warm colours around us and such Treasures to collect!

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