Monday, 5 September 2011


Well, that time has come. The school term officially starts in 2 days, which means i only have 2 days of my boys at home with me, and I HATE it! I can safely say that if they were not in a tiny village school, with no more than about 7 in their class and 20 something in their whole school I would be home schooling. I hate the thought of them leaving me all day again. But this is a good compromise. They get the daily socialisation and time away from me, which I do feel they need, and learn to do things in different ways to "how it's done at home".... but it does mean I give up time with them 5 days a week, and we go back to the stress of getting ready in the morning and rushing around to fit stuff in :-(

So we are making the most of our last couple of days! 

The children have been on top form today with regards to self initiated play! They decided to set up a shoe shop. They pulled out the till and raided the shoe basket! I found them a ruler to measure the feet. and the office area was suddenly a Shoe Shop!

Kenzie decided to be shop keeper and sat "E" down to measure his feet. Random numbers were reeled off and small shoes were decided on. He offered some Crocs but they were declined and Dinosaur wellies were "E"s choice of footwear! 

Kenzie helped him put them on and then said "would you like to go for a walk and see how they feel?" 
Its so sweet to see them acting out things they have done, especially the things they don't do every day, like buying new shoes. Kenzie loves the walking about part of trying on the shoes!

Well one happy customer later and Kenzie heads to the till to complete the sale. These wellies cost £1000..... maybe we need to work on the value of money a bit lol! But "E" seemed to be happy to pay and handed over a £1 coin! he he... they did make me giggle!

Brendan caught on to all the fun and decided to remove his fluffy blanket (his little safety blanket from the world) from around himself and announced it was his turn to be shop keeper! So Kenzie sat down and had his feet measured!

The shoes were chosen.... by Brendan.... and the fit tested. Again acting out what they do in the shops. testing the toe space! "TOO BIG!" so off he went to find a better shoe.....

How about a clog? these were from the dressing up box and Kenzie started to get a bit wary about Brenden's choices at this point... and also a fit of giggles started as his brother went about trying some very odd shoes on his feet!

Then things got very silly with shoes on ears!! But Kenzie laps up any attention Brendan shows him as Brendan is not really one for spending much time socialising with Kenzie. That's one of the sad parts of the Aspergers, but they are playing more together as Brendan gets older, although it is all on Brenden's terms.

Time to make that sale!! with baby "R" to help!

"E" moved on to some out door play and mixed some mud up at the mud pie kitchen!

The mud then turned in to Paint! and we started to cave paint the fences and... well anything flat really!

They both got SOOOOOOOOOOOO muddy! It was across their faces, over their clothes and in their hair! Showers all round after but worth every second of the mess for the fun they had!

So after a shower and some lunch we were back to it! Hard at play! Time to enjoy some small world play!

Then we played "talking cars"... I got to be the Ambulance.... until we built a cool Hospital... then I got to be Smurfs!

Here is my Smurf party on the hospital roof!

There was a bit of ballancing!

And Trains! This is a very cool "James" that moves when you put the driver in!

Bringing me another Smurf for the roof top party! Who ordered the Clown?

Brendan soon got whiff of the fun and the blanket was once again left in the doorway and he did what he does best! Construction!

Poor James got de-railed after some bridge construction!

oh and I nearly forgot! we had a lovely time at the local Play Bus that comes to the village every other week! Lots of bug play with big plastic bugs, making caterpillar paper chains and digging in sand and lentils! This inspired the boys to start rolling stones over to get a look at real bugs! 

So that was day 1 of my 2 days ...... I hope Tomorrow is as much fun! 

Would anyone notice if I just didn't take them to school....... lol

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