Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Today "E" and I sat down to some painting. We gathered our water colour paper and lovely stockmar paints.
I told him the story of St Michael defeating Lucifer. "E" started to paint, watching how his colours mixed and re-telling me bits of the story.
 He wanted to know about the good Angels and the bad Angels.

I stood close by in the kitchen and started to make Bread as he painted away.
"Tell me about it again!" he said, still painting. So I did.
Once the Bread was kneeded and left to rise I sat back down next to him a quietly started to paint. First the background, leaving it to dry for a few minutes, then painting the Dragon, Then St Michael.
"He's the good Angel...... he needs wings"
So I painted wings
"The Dragon is the bad Angel, he fell from Heaven and lost his wings!"

We hung our paintings on the wall above the Nature display. The top picture is a lovely Dragon "E" painted. I added some features for him like eyes and claws. He was so happy to have a Dragon painting on the wall to show Mummy when she picked him up. Some of the children like to take all their pictures home rather than have them displayed but he loves to see his work up for everyone to see!

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