Monday, 12 September 2011


Car boot season is very nearly over and we are grabbing the last of the bargains as we see them. This weeks thrifty purchase was a great little Puppet Theatre. Strong wooden frame, velvet curtains and a chalk board for performance information! The children have been enjoying story telling for months now but always say they wished they had something to hide behind. This was a lovely find and came with several puppets to add to our collection!

Kenzie chalked the details of our first show. He chose Goldilocks and chalked it on to the board. He then gathered up the story sack and handed me the story to read, while he used the puppets to act it out. We found some props to use from our tree house. Chairs and a table, a bed and some acorn cups to use as bowls.

And the story began. Look at greedy Goldilocks eating all Baby Bears porridge!

Now she is trying out all the chairs. Careless Goldilocks broke poor Baby Bears chair and fell on her bottom.

Not content with eating all the food and braking the chairs the cheeky little lady took herself off to bed!

But then the Bears came home and look at what they found.... No Porridge. poor Bears! But they did give that Goldilocks a fright when they found her in the bed!

Brendan soon got in on the act and spent a lot of time setting the scene. Finding some wooden honey pots  and wooden plates and bowls that we found in Hobbycraft!

Just as much care had to be taken when setting out the scene for the Bears return. It looked more like they had been Burgled than just a rather unthoughtful visit from a young girl!

Kenzie curled up on the sofa with me, snuggled in to my legs, giggling at his brothers story telling!

Kenzie snapped this rather unflattering picture of me sorting laundry!

We slowly added more props and items to the story telling. I created a little story about birds preparing for winter, which the boys seemed to enjoy!

I am now on the look out for some lovely seasonal tales to share each day as part of our daily rhythm. I would love to hear where others find their stories. I think I might "You tube" some Waldorf story telling for inspiration!

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