Sunday, 11 September 2011


After a morning of Christmas shopping (thought I should make a start) the boys and i relaxed together.
They came home to find both their Dr Who subscriptions had arrived! They have been arriving a few days apart which has been a bit upsetting for Brendan as he is always the one who's magazines have not arrived. But this time they were both on the mat waiting for them when we got in!

Brendan had also bought some Bear Grylls DVD's from the second hand shop. So we watched that while reading Dr Who and having Dalek and Cyberman battles. 

Brendan and I started work on our new Jigsaw together. This is a lovely Pooh Bear stargazing scene. Both my boys love Pooh bear so I thought it would encourage them to help me and we could make a family project of it. Some lovely quiet time together working on something and helping each other!

Even Cloud joined in.... in his own unique way!

Kenzie helped to cook Stir fry for dinner. frying off the meat and then adding the vegetables and egg noodles! Yummy!!

Kenzie and I spent a quiet time together before bed reading our Fairy book of Seasons. We talked about some of the up and coming festivals we will be celebrating this month. Harvest and Michaelmas!
We found a little cardboard fairy doll in the back of the book to dress as well!

This is my current reading material. I really need to do something with my freezer full of fruit and green tomatoes. I have a real love for jarred, preserved fruits all lined up! I would love a real pantry to store these in once made but I will have to make do with my kitchen cupboards.
I am also looking to expand my knowledge on the local free food available to us out there. Trying out some new tastes and using what is naturally abundant and not being used in the village. I have some wonderful Fennel plants growing outside the house on the footpath. I am waiting to harvest some of the seeds to plant in the garden. The rabbit loves it when I bring a stem home from our walk for him and it has a wonderful aniseed aroma and licorice taste!

Kenzie's reading choice of the moment is "Puzzle Farm". A lovely book about a farm that has a simple puzzle to complete on each page. He knows the answer to all the puzzles by heart now but that doesn't seem to bother him!

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