Wednesday, 28 September 2011


What is going on with the seasons this year!? Feels like the height of summer again today. We just were not prepared for it. Had to fish out the school shorts again and resurrect my sandals!

But not complaining! Its lovely to have the Sun back... even if tonight is unbearably hot!!

Here is a bit of our day!  "E" and I made apple crumble with the huge amount of apples we have! I also turned a good amount of them in to apple sauce yesterday, but still got enough to keep us in puddings for the next few weeks!

We made this with Kenzie's dairy free butter so he could have some too!

Baby "L" cooled off in the kitchen sink with some sea creatures for company! Seemed to keep her happy for a while and she got to watch all the Tractors coming and going past the window, busy with the harvest!

"E" and I spent some time on his Phonics and early reading work. He loved getting the gold stars each time he completed a page in the book!

After picking the boys up from school we all headed down to the park and the den we made at the weekend. We are making the most of this sun as the forecast predicts snow next month!! Not that I can believe that with the heat we have this week!

My boys do love a good bit of Tree climbing!!

Then home for showers and Brendan helped to make his favourite meal. Chicken Fajitas! I made them every weekend when I was pregnant with him and I love that he adores them so much. we used to joke that I was having a Fajita baby!

Not a bad days busyness!!

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