Sunday, 9 October 2011


Today we visited an Autumn Apple fare at a local Garden centre and private gardens. The boys really needed to have space to run about and this was just the place! They found some tree stumps and used them to climb on, crawl through and jump off! Great fun!

More jumping!!

Then we popped in to the rural museum which was great! lots of things that the children could touch and lots of farming and gardening tools from "way back when"! This is a seed grinding machine that Kenzie loved playing with!

We thought these were really funny and sweet! Goats boots! and Sheep wellies behind! They even had boots for horses! Just had to take a photo!

Some beautiful lace bobbins! I think they are just so pretty!

Kenzie drawing a Tardis on the old school chalk board. He is going through a Tardis stage at the moment. Every picture he draws is a Tardis!

Checking out an old till that was owned by Ronnie Barker. The boys loved pressing the keys and popping open the till draw! It was full of old coins and notes and had old monetary values on the keys!

Then a little bit of Pottery decorating. Kenzie made a frog and Brendan made a pig. They spent a good 20 minutes decorating their ornaments and took such care over the details!

Kenzie's finished frog! It was all green till Brendan stuck a red coat on his pig.... therefore Kenzie had to do the same. I am trying very hard to encourage Kenzie to do his own things rather than copy Brendan all the time. But it is not something that looks to be changing any time soon, much to Brendan's annoyance

We watched some basket weaving. There were some great baskets being made and I am very glad I didn't have any money on me or I may well have spent far too much!

No English fare would be the same without Morris Dancers!

We took a tour of the apple orchard and learnt about the different types of apples, how to grow them and saw how they make juice!

 It would have been lovely if they had allowed the children to have a go at juicing but all the equipment is very industrial now :-( We hoped they would have a little press that the boys could try out, but sadly not, so the boys came home and we set about making our own!

Lots of peeling, coring and chopping!

Some chopping with an electric mini chopper!

 and then we poured the pulp in to the muslin cloth! The boys talked about the colour that the pulp turned and remembered what the tour guide had told us about them adding vitamin c to counteract the effects of the oxygen on the fruit. They told me we didn't need the lemon juice as we were happy with natural brown apple juice! I was so pleased to see all this new learning was being absorbed!

 Time for some juice squeezing!

and yummy juice for us to enjoy!!

Save some for Mummy!!!!

While they were busy juicing, I made an Apple and blackberry crumble with the left over apples and the blackberries Brendan and I picked on our walk yesterday!

"I'm not eating the apples mummy....... honest" !! BUSTED !!

Then an extra special treat for my boys! I saw this on a fellow Pintrest users board and loved it! I knew we just had to try it out! So we waited for the sun to go down and ran a nice warm bath. Then added Glow sticks! SOOOOOOO much fun, I can not begin to tell you!

 This is boys playing with glow sticks in the bath!!

Its been a lovely family day with lots of fresh air and enjoying Natures gifts!

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