Saturday, 22 October 2011


Well yesterday was another glorious sunny day and warm as well.
The boys school term ended on Thursday so Lee and I had decided to take them on a mystery tour! They have spent all week trying to work out where we might be taking them. They just knew it was somewhere they have asked to go to in the past!
Beaulieu  is quite a distance from us. About an hour and a half. We got there at lunch time and enjoyed a lovely fish and chips lunch in the cafe and then set about enjoying the museum.

We started in the James Bond tent. Brendan and Lee both like James Bond so this went down very well.

The next display was our main reason for going! The Top Gear display! We are all Top Gear fans. one of the very few TV programs we watch. It was great to see all the cars that we have seen on the show in real life. We really wanted to see Geoff, the electric car they made in their warehouse in Didcot  and then drove around Oxford. Maybe we like it so much because they do a lot local to us, and have even driven though our village in one of their shows. We enjoy spotting places we know while watching the program.

The boys driving cars around a track!

The Dampervan!!!
Kenzie chatting to the Stig!
We also saw lots of lovely old cars, as well as the Harry Potter flying car, Mr Beans mini and Chitty chitty bang bang!

We had a ride on a monorail.

A ride on and old bus and then a walk around the ruins of an old Abbey!

We played by a river or inlet.... either way it was Sea water! Making boats from sticks and leaves and then seeing if they would float!

Sword fighting with sticks!
Cuddles with Kenzie!
Kenzie's photo of Mummy!
Building boats!
Our boat! and it floated!
Trying to retrieve the boat!
Don't fall in!!!!!!
Sharing a fruit lace!

New Forest Ponies on the drive home! Beautiful!
 A wonderful family day out and so much to see and enjoy! They are already asking to go back again!

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