Monday, 3 October 2011


Well that's it. The last car boot sale of the season, in the village! and it was a big one too!
I did make sure I was much more disciplined this week as I have to start my pre Christmas de-clutter!

So here are my Bargains of the week!

2 lovely Shirley Hughes books. I adore the illustrations in her books and the wholesome image they portray. My boys are probably a bit old for these now, although I think Kenzie will enjoying trying to read them, but the childminding children will enjoy learning new things with them! I plan on making them regular reads!

And this was a last minute buy on my way home. I really was not going to get any more Pooh Bear bits but the lady was clearly keen to sell and said I could have the house and bag of stuff for a £1!! After a rummage through the bag when I got home I realised we were missing the upstairs platforms but I don't think the children mind! But we did find a couple of cute My little ponies in there! 

I also picked up a large pile of flat oyster shells for 50p and a History book where you have to find things hidden in the pictures for 50p! Kenzie is really in to his "spot the difference" and finding things hidden in pictures at the mo! Great for all his early reading development!

So that will probably be then last "Car booty bargain" post for a while :-(

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