Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Today seems to have been a day of Corn fun. Not so much through planning, more through children's choices of play items. But it does fit in nicely with Autumn and Harvest!

Firstly we made pictures with our Maize noodles. This is the first time we have tried an Art project with them, and everyone seemed to have fun.

"E" used a picture guide to make his Dinosaur. We practiced our cutting to make them the right size to fit on the  marks on the picture. I asked if he wanted to colour the picture as well, but he was happy with it just having Noodles on! I think he did a Grand job! He loved how they got sticky when they were wet!

Brendan came home from school and made a couple of little models with his. A person and a tank.

Then Brendan asked to mix some Cornflour so that he could play with the "liquids and solids!"

I love how child initiated play can often fit right in to what you are trying to teach the children. They were interested to see 2 very different ways that the corn was used!

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