Sunday, 16 October 2011


After a very lazy start to our Sunday morning (The boys playing "My Sims kingdom and Lee and I watching some Dinosaur excavation program) We got dressed and go to some real fun! 

Kenzie has spent this weekend driving his Monster truck around the house, so I took him outside to make ramps! We raided the shed (which is no easy thing, let me tell you!) for some bits of wood a talked about how best to make it. Kenzie had a few ideas but after some careful questioning by me, he realised why some of these might not work and set about making this one. I had a go at driving and promptly crashed it 4 times! Kenzie took control and went up the ramp first time... and second... and third! I know when I'm beat!

Then Kenzie extended the ramps with  more wood and even tried to play football with the truck! Have you noticed his Stig T-shirt. If I ask him what job he will have when he is older, he will say "I'm going to be the Stig mummy!"

While rummaging in the shed for wood I remembered that I wanted to get the Halloween box out too! We found all of our Knitted Halloween figures and our stencils too. We all sat down and made some pictures. Kenzie drawing round his Bat in this picture!

I do love this second picture he drew. He added lots of Adipose figures from Dr Who....... of course!
 Dr Who had to get a look in there somewhere!

 Then it was time to do our homework. Kenzie was asked to draw healthy things that we have done this week, in his homework book. So that's what he has just done in this picture! Brendan is writing an Acrostic poem. Look at him!! Writing!!! I have no idea what has happened to my "Non writing boy" but he has just suddenly taken to it! He will still not write like his friends do but I have no worries about that. He is willingly writing and anything he puts on paper is a step in the right direction!

Then we did a puzzle together! Well Kenzie and I did. This was our 100 piece jigsaw. Kenzie worked very hard on it!
We also went to the local sports club on the green for a drink and a play with friends, and to let the dog have a run around! Brendan found "Shrimp" in a grubby little stream behind the club...... not sure if they are shrimp and I tried to not stress too much about the cleanliness (or lack there of) of the stream, as he fished things out in an old wooden crate he found!

I am sure at some point we will find some real Autumn weather and will no longer be able to walk around in our t-shirts and sit out side on a picnic bench having a Sunday afternoon drink.
 But while it is here... I am LOVING it!!!!!

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