Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Monday was a bit grey here, but nowhere near as cold and fresh as it should be for mid October! The perfect day to stay in and do some art though!

I have been planning to make some Toilet roll Owls, which I have seen in several places across the web recently. You just fold the top down slightly so that you have 2 pointy ears and then I hot glue gun this in place.
I find it much easier to give the toddlers paint on the high chair tray and let them use their fingers to spread it over the item we want painting. They get to really feel the cold a squashy paint between their fingers and paint brushes are just too tricky for tots!

While they dried we painted trees as well. The Owls need somewhere to live after all! Again the paint goes strait on to the high chair and they swish it about a bit. when it looks a bit tree like, I lay some paper over the top and take a print of it! Its the painting that they have made but without the paper getting ripped and chewed!

Then we needed a spot of fresh air and a play at the park! Both the girls are loving a daily play on the swings! We can be there for a good half hour or more. Personally swings make me feel rather sick!

Then home to decorate the Owls! Baby "R" has very good control of the glue stick. I let her choose where she wanted to put the pieces. I did try some small guiding by turning the toilet role, so that the rough spot for the wing or tummy was in front of her and then she would naturally stick it in the right area.... ish!

As you can see this is not so easy to do for the small details!  

Picasso eat your heart out! Very abstract!

As you can see I had to add the bits for Baby "L"... she just wanted to eat everything ... including the glue stick lol!  It's these teeth I am sure... or lack there of! Come on teeth!!

When the boys came home from school we made some dairy free cookies! We have really reduced Kenzies dairy intake to help with his eczema.

I did try to explain that cookies should really be flat but they wanted to make them in to models!

  These are Cinnamon and ginger cookies with a few raisins! We also added a packet of Kenzies Dairy free chocolate buttons for some fun!

They didn't turn out too bad...not really the shapes they were made in to... but interesting non the less!

Hope you have a good week!

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