Sunday, 23 October 2011


With Halloween just around the corner we decided we would start our Halloween themed fun!
This year the boys are more in to the Witches and Wizards side of Halloween as we have been reading my Aunts books which are very much based around magic and spells! 
The first book is called "The Elder Brothers and the Padstow crystals" and we are currently reading the second book, "The Elder Brothers and the Dragons Portal"

We went to the £1 shop today to stock up on some decorations and props for our Wizards den we are setting up. 

While I decorated the Playroom, Brendan made a Pocket Glob. This is something in the story that can transport you from one place to another. We covered golf balls in blue acrilic paint and tomorrow the boys will paint land on to them with green paint.

Kenzie helped to set up all our bottles, ready to make our potions in!

I lay out a mixture of ingredients that I thought they would enjoy using to make interesting potions

Off they went! They loved it. My little students in their potion making class!

Then I introduced Bi-carb of soda and Vinegar! Brendan guessed what might happen and he loved mixing the two and making foam!

Look at their excited faces!! So sweet!

So many things to mix.... where do we start!

 Bubbly overflow!

Bottles and bottles of newly mixed potions!

The boys lay out their potions on the table by the Cauldrens.... after I had hot glue gunned the lids on. 
Would not want any spillages!
I don't know about the children... but I am really looking forward to playing with this over the next week! 

We have lots of fun things planed. We are going to finish making the Pocket Globes, write a spell book, dress up, visit the local caves for a special afternoon of Whitchcraft, where they get to do ghost busting and learn to fly broom sticks. It sounds great!! I hope to take them on a Lantern walk in the hills next Saturday and then trick or treating round the village on Monday! 
Oh and not forgetting, picking and carving our Pumpkins from the allotment! 

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