Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Today we didn't even have to leave the house to see exciting things. After lunch "E" and I watched the Roadworks being done outside the house. We have had traffic lights out there for the past 24 hours, which packed up over night... meaning rush hour traffic was having some issues this morning. But thankfully we are in a tiny village so not huge amounts of traffic coming past the house!

"E" loved the big crane arm moving around on the back of the lorry, scooping Tarmac out on to the road!

Then some men got in and the whole back tipped up! They poured tarmac out over the holes they had dug. One man shouted instructions and the lorry would move forwards a little bit. Then another man would rake it out over the hole...... "E" noticed that the man raking was loosing his trousers and kept trying to shout at him.
"Pip open the window.... he can't hear me... he is going to loose his trousers!!" So funny!
I really don't understand this fashion of wearing your trousers half way down your bottom..... especially in your high visibility work clothes???

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