Monday, 3 October 2011


Today has been another wonderful, warm day! The hottest October ever recorded! But the weather is due to change by the end of the week and believe it or not, snow is forecast before the month is out! So we are making the most of the sun and extended summer.

This morning the Playbus came to the village so we walked over there for a play and get together with friends. There was sand and Dinosaur Duplo. "E" made a Tiger sticking picture and a paper chain of teddies. He drew a lovely little face on each! We listened to a Jungle story that was read to us and then used the new instruments to sing some of our favourite songs!

Baby "L" listening to the singing while lay on me drinking her milk!

Baby "R" getting really in to the music and singing along in baby babble! She LOVES music!

"E" trying to get this interesting instrument to make a sound!

Then home for lunch! I took this time to get the evening meal in to the slow cooker. sausage casserole tonight!
 These are some of the carrots I par boiled and froze last month! they are great for throwing in to meals. farm grown carrots with every meal! Yummy!

"E" looking through our new book. Counting the animals on Noah's Ark! He really enjoyed sitting with me and reading this book. He recognised a lot of letters that were significant to him as well. Like "E" for his name and "M" for mummy and "K" for Kenzie!

Then we did some more of his early writing work. He loves these work books and asks to do some each day! He is really starting to get the concept of what sound a word starts with. Its really hard to listen to parts of words and work out what is the start sound and what is the end sound. He has a great understanding of Opposites too!

Then it was time for a film....... or a nap in this case. He never has afternoon naps any more so this was a real surprise! 

Gave me time to make egg mayonnaise sandwiches, for an after school picnic at the park and cook up a tuna pasta salad for tomorrows lunch boxes.

Hope you have all had a lovely start to the week!

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