Thursday, 6 October 2011


Today has been another one of those meandering days that I love so much! The sun has been out and the sky is blue, but there was that Autumnal nip in the air, and as the day progressed a rather blustery wind picked up. 

During our walk today we visited the local cows. The babies are getting rather big now and growing more cautious of us.... or maybe it was more the dog they were avoiding.

The girls had a lovely time, drinking some milk and watching the cows. Giggling and Mooing!

  Kane having a good sniff around on our way back down the farm drive! 

I have been so inspired by my Blogging friends, that I have decided to give knitting another go! I always seem to drop or gain stitches and I have no idea how to cast off! But this is the fabby wool I am using that has minimal stitching and maximum results! So great for a learner. I am knitting a scarf for Brendan!

Lots of Toddler play today. I just have the babies on a Thursday so its lovely to focus just on toddler fun for a day. Baby "R" playing with a truck!

Baby "L" coming in for the attack....... Its very Dangerous to be on the floor with babies!
(please excuse the blurry pics, they were taken on my phone!)

Baby "R" getting in on the act... Its very hard to photograph yourself being attacked by babies! Oh dear... why is little "L" sad? I am sure it is probably just how the camera caught her... I don't remember her being sad.... or maybe its a growl!!

Me and Baby "L" having  cuddles! a rare moment where she was still!

We enjoyed a spot of reading and lots of singing today!

And lots of tunnel play!!

Later on in the day we went to the school to read Class 1 a story! My Godson, who is in Kenzies class, asked if I would come in and read to everyone. I was of course very touched and honoured to be asked and took in a Julia Donaldson book called "Charlie Cooks favourite book"! It seemed to go well! Everyone looked interested and helped me find the characters from each page, at the end of the book!

 We also had a cheeky afternoon Cream Tea, with a good friend, in the local Antique centre this afternoon, as the boys had Science club after school! Yummy!

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